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Academic writing can be a heck especially if you’ve work to do alongside your studies. In many faculties in various universities across the globe, the mark that you score in dissertation contributes to almost 70% of the general mark. It can either be a diploma, undergraduate, Masters or Ph.D. level.

There are many sites online which promise students quality content to students. However, this is not actually the case. Firstly, these sites will always take a lot of time before delivering you the assignment in time. Two, taking forever with edits and revisions which you’ll pay for and thirdly, delivery of content that doesn’t match the bank for your bag. provides you with top dissertation writing services. Why is the best academic dissertation writing service?

  • It employs the best professional writers. Compared to other academic dissertation services, services only hire experienced professional writers in the United States and across the globe. But how is this achieved in the competitive world? What we actually do is we gather a number of writers and subject them to a few assignments before we allow them to our platform. takes into consideration the importance of delivering quality to meet the expectation of our customers who are aiming to buy dissertation online. That’s the reason why we hire writers who are passionate about what they do. This is so because they can handle workloads that require lots of perseverance and edits.
  • Revisions are free ONLY for you. In real life, beginning from our DNA to our choices in life were indeed unique. You will be in a unanimous agreement with me. Sometimes you can receive content that you feel adjustments need to be made on it. Fret not! I guess you probably know that a genuine essay will take someone’s time, criticality in thinking, and lots of energy. Even though revisions take much time as well- it may comprise adding other concepts in the instructions which you forgot to put into, adding more bibliography and even changes in formatting.
    In spite of all that, still gives you the opportunity to have revisions for free!
  • We value your feedback. Feedback actually means someone is caring and ready to listen to your concerns. Here at, our support team answers your quizzes. Let’s say, for instance, you’ve tried either downloading your assignment from our site and you can’t find a full copy of the writer took more time than expected. Feel free to air your views by presenting your grievances anytime. If you’re a writer you aren’t locked out- we give you as well feedback if you’ve got an issue with your account and any issues with our clients. That’s 50/50, isn’t it?

This website is an academic platform which comprises of both UK and USA English writers. They deliver academic papers for students.


  1. It provides low-quality papers. Dissertationalcapital writing services promises client’s quality content on dissertation and research papers in their site. However, the quality of the content isn’t great as compared to other top companies such as I have to be honest with you, another limitation to this site is the idea of paying a lump sum amount of money which does not match the bag for your money. I will take you through a real-life experience- a friend of mine tried this site hoping that she could get quality content but unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. (She couldn’t even find what the writer had sent her through the email). Anyway, let’s leave that story for another day.
  2. Has low-quality support. If somebody doesn’t give you feedback then it means the person really doesn’t care. You expect a top site that is very eager to chat with you in the first instance to have top-notch customer service. Nevertheless, this site will often send you an FAQ answer page whenever you want to communicate with them. This actually SUCKS!
  3. Charges you extra cash for Revisions. Dissertationalcapital is a site that will demand ridiculous prices especially if you want quick deliveries of your paper. Moreover, they can take forever with edits which can make you miss out on a due date on assignment submission.

Ultius is a company that objects the delivery of papers exclusively written by American writers. Here is what you should know about this site:


  1. It’s a Scam service. With lots of dollars demanded with an exchange of great content. Many clients usually go home dissatisfied- the quality doesn’t reflect the worth of the content! The writers in these services aren’t highly professional because most of the content delivered is too basic. As an undergraduate or doctorate student, you probably need content that matches the level of skills and creativity. Maybe this site can suit high school students- I hope I am not being rude; let’s call a spade a spade.
  2. In most cases, it provides Plagiarized content. It goes without saying that copyright laws are always upheld in our institutions especially here in the United States. What is the worst thing that can happen to you? You can actually be jailed if you violate corporate rights.
  3. Customer service at should up their socks because plagiarized content is even worse than poor quality content. Your professor won’t actually debate anything concerning this topic.

Whoa Whoa Whoa, remember everything good comes at a price. After reading this article I guess you’re now more informed than before-GOOD LUCK as you choose the writing service that will suit you in the market.